Agrievents 2024

Agrievents 2024

Dear customers,

Agriagora intermediates, organizes and provides services for interested parties willing to visit or to take participation in events such as fairs, exhibitions, presentations in food technology, horticulture, agricultural mechanization and related agriculture sector.

Information has power. Exchanging information contributes to the permanent development and  improves it’s outcome.

Supported by the knowledge of many languages and with practical experience in agricultural sector and food industry, by organizing your visit to these events we will try to figure a like link between like-minded parties and contribute to exchanging knowledge, experiences, information and also a different approach to business concepts and cultures .

For you, our regular customers and for you those ones who would like to enjoy us at the firs time, within this year we have prepared several programs regarding visit agrievents in 2024.
lease , do not hesitate to contact us if you are for interested to take participation on some of them.

Thank you for your confidence. We look forward meet you soon...
Agriagora Team

Belfarm 2024, Minsk, Belarus                              (4th - 9th June 2024)   more information

World Processing Tomato Congress 2024, Budapest, Hungary                                     (9th - 13th June 2024)   more information

Landsskuet 2024, Herning, Denmark          (4th - 6 th July 2024)   more information 

Libramont 2024, Libramont, Belgium        (26th - 29th July 2024)   more information

Agrokomplex 2024, Nitra, Slovakia                  (15 - 18


Agromalim 2024, Arad, Romania                        (05th - 08th September 2024)   more information

Agrotec 2024, Ankara, Turkey                        (12th - 15th September 2024)   more information

OLMA 2024, St. Galen, Switzerland                      (10th - 20th September)    more information

Verti Farm 2024, Dortmund, Germany            (8th - 10th October 2024)   more information

Agrimax 2024, Metz, France                              (23th - 25th October 2024)   more information

SIMA 2024, Paris, France                         (24th - 28th November 2024)   more information

Fruit Poland 2024, Warsaw, Poland             (5th - 7th December 2024)   more information

Green Antalya Expo 2024, Antalya, Turkey      (4th - 6th December 2024)   more information