Rotterdam & Delft Private Daily Walking and Boat Tour

Rotterdam & Delft Private Daily Walking and Boat Tour

Tour description

Explore two of the oldest Dutch cities in one day. Vibrant cities, nowadays with opposite architectural images but still telling stories about turbulent times. ” The greenest Dutch city” attributed as the biggest European port where potatoes “struggle each others” and city probably the most attributed to Dutch Royal family once upon time ( with only 6000 inhabitants) one of the biggest towns in Lowlands.


  • The clashing point of traditional and avant-garde architecture styles (cube houses)
  • The greenest city in the Netherlands
  • Drink a coffee at lowest Dutch point below sea level (-7,67 m)
  • A completely different Red Light District
  • Undergo picturesque canal cruise through “Little Amsterdam”
  • Meet two historical personalities, one artist and one scientist from 17th century charged humanity by their works
  • Marvel old artefacts and still persisting artwork technique one of the most, worldwide famous tin-glazed majolica
  • Discover background of Dutch national and the first world bourgeois revolution and life and death of its leader and father of the fatherland


Suggested meeting point would be Rotterdam Central Station or your hotel in Rotterdam. After walking tour in Rotterdam we shall proceed to Delft next few hours. From Rotterdam to Delft we shall use the train ( ca. 15 min, tickets included). Whole itinerary would be executed following the stops listed below:


Rotterdam Central Station

Modern architecture pearl, the main railway station of Rotterdam city receiving an average of 170 000 passengers daily. One of the greatest city’s architectural highlights

Schieland House

The 17th century building former headquarter of Waterschap Schieland, institution responsible for water policy and management in this part of South Holland once temporary accommodation place of Napoleon Bonaparte

Big Church/ St. Lawrence Church

Late Gothic style building from 1525 and in the same time the oldest building in city of Rotterdam. One of the several rarely buildings survived nazi bombing on May 15th 1940.

Erasmus of Rotterdam’s Monument

Monument honored to Desiderius Erasmus Roterdamus alias Erasmus of Rotterdam, one of the biggest philosophers, theologians, scholars, priest from 16th century. Many public buildings , structures and education institutions are named against this famous Rotterdammer.

Markthal (Market Hall "The Horseshoe")
Modern building situated on one of the biggest Rotterdam’s Squares in the shape of horseshoe — closed market combined with living space and facilities, also nicknamed “The Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam”
Kijk-Kubus (The Cube Houses)

Atypical tree-looking buildings with cube-shaped apartments on the top of the supporting columns.Because of its form only 3/4 of the inner space is suitable and usable for common living

Old Harbor

One of the oldest ( but not the oldest one!) ports of Medieval Rotterdam, former river mouth of river Rotte to New Meuse river. Nowadays favorite gathering place of Rotterdam citizens with plenty of coffee bars, restaurants, taverns, disco clubs…

De Witt Huis (The White House)

One of the oldest ( but not the oldest one!) ports of Medieval Rotterdam, former river mouth of river Rotte to New Meuse river. Nowadays favorite gathering place of Rotterdam citizens with plenty of coffee bars, restaurants, taverns, disco clubs…

Willemsbrug (The Red Bridge)

Also called “The Red Bridge” dedicated to Willem III is one of the three Rotterdam’s bridges connecting central and Northern part of the city with Southern districts.

De Hef (The Elevator)

Huge steel construction meaning “The Lift” once served like “rotating” and “lifting” train bridge across river New Meuse. The bridge was in service before the rail tunnel has been dogged through under the river

De Boeg (WW2 memorial)

The war memorial placed at right embankment of the river New Meuse. It commemorates the 3500 persons on board of Dutch merchant ships who lost their lives in World War II.

Leuwhaven Maritime Museum

An open air maritime museum. The great collection of steamships, docking cargo machines and equipment, ship engines and other objects related to or connected with the navy and shipping from the middle of the 19th century to 70’s of the last century.

Erasmus Bridge

This hanging bridge is the youngest bridge in Rotterdam crossing New Meuse…and for sure the most popular and known bridge. One of the greatest symbols and images of this city also called “The Swan” or ” The Harp” , 139m high with the biggest and heaviest “opening part” of the bridge in Europe, 80 m long.


⇒ train transport from Rotterdam to Delft, ca. 15 min… (tickets included)



Delft Train Station

Modern energy sustainable underground train station “symbiosed” with new city hall above station. Retrospective of Delftware blue ceramics art and history.  

Oostpoort ( Easterner Gate)

The only city gate from medieval times still remaining in Delft

Meisjeshuis (Girls Orphanage)

Girls orphanage from 1578 in service until 50’s of last century

Anton van Leevenhoek’s Monument

Monument dedicated to trader, scientist and founder of microscope and one of the greatest Delft citizens along with painter Johannes Vermeer.

Waterschap van Midden Delftland

Historical building from the begin of 16th century, headquarter of local water management organization from 1645

Het Wapen van Savoyen ( The Arms of Savoy House)

Former Latin language school and military barracks nowadays Archive of City of Delft

Geertruyie van Oosten Monument

Monument honored to stigmatized mystical beguine from the 14th century


 Residence, headquarter and place of death assassinated leader of Dutch revolution and father of the nation Willem The Orange. 


Memorial area dedicated to “Beguines”, semi-closed sisters order similar to nuns

Old Church

 Dutch “Pisa’s Tower” , the oldest church in Delft from 1246 with 75 m tall tower that leans about two meters from the vertical

City Hall of Delft

Former City hall from 1620, one of the two main buildings placed on the main Delft’s market

Guild House of St. Luke (Vermeer Centre )

Information point about great painter’s work, style of painting, meaning of paints, personal life…

Hugo Grotius Monument

Monument dedicated to great Dutch philosopher, jurist, humanist, writer, diplomat and one of the founders of international law

New Church

The 2nd highest sacral building in Netherlands (108 m), funeral place of the Willem The Orange and members of Dutch royal family

Maria van Jasse Church

Catholic church from 19th century

Windmill "The Rose"

Known landmark of city and the only remaining windmill of a total of 18 sometimes used to operate in Delft 


Royal Delft Pottery Museum and Factory (optional)

Worldwide famous majolica pottery mostly known about its thousands shades of blue color art — history, workshop, exhibition place, selling 

One hour boat along Delft' canals.

    Price per boat ca.  € 100 (optional)


Tour prices

The price of this tour: € 450.  

Tour takes approximately 7–8 hours.

Tour includes drink and local snacks within or after the tour, and transportation costs ( retour train tickets) from Rotterdam to Delft for up to 4 persons, entrance fees to Cube Houses.

Tour excludes entrance fees to museums and churches such Prinsenhof, New Church, Old Church, Delftware Pottery Museum and Fabric,  boat tour…

Upon customer’s request tour could be customized.