Rotterdam countryside on the wheels-bike tour around Rotterdam

Rotterdam countryside on the wheels - bike tour around city

Tour description

Experience unforgettable and feeling! Breathe fully fresh air, encounter yourself with pure Dutch nature. Marvel greenery, forests, never-ending fields, lakes, canals and bridges, old windmills, exotic but friendly animals, reach the lowest points of “the land under the sea level” , visit interior and ! 4 hours e-bike drive through polders with “obligatory” beer stops.


- anti stress therapy !!! ...fresh air, birds chirping, the rustling of tree branches, the smell of grass and field flowers, feeling of self freedom and liberty far away from urban places ...

- Alexander polder and lowest Dutch point ( -7,67 m under the sea level)

-  Old windmills  ''The Musician'', ''The Falcon'', ''The Three Winds'', ''The Star'', ''The Prince Windmill'' and many others

-''Friendly'' wild and domestic exotic animals such horses, sheep, cows, fawns, ducks , storks  freely walking trough the fields and and floating along canals  

- River Rotte, locks,  water barriers , lakes even the most famous Dutch ski center

- Cube Houses and ''Horseshoe'' market building ( alias ''Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam''), the funniest Rotterdam’s street art sculptures (on the end of the bike tour but just ca 15 minutes)

 - ... and of course " necessarily and obligatory" beverage stops along path


Suggested meeting points:

Rotterdam Central Station if you come to Rotterdam from Amsterdam or any other Dutch city
your hotel or Cruise Port of Rotterdam ( Passenger Terminal) if you already arrived in Rotterdam before.

After meeting we shall continue following the stops listed below:

Rotterdam central Station

Modern architecture pearl, the main railway station of Rotterdam city receiving an average of 170 000 passengers daily. One of the greatest city’s architectural highlights

Rotterdam’s Zoo

One of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands, divided into several zoogeographic regions, boasting on 26-hectare 562 species


Landscaped city  park from 1929 with shaded paths, tennis courts & a cafe, plus food truck festivals

Windmill ''De Speelman'' (''The Musician'')

The De Speelman windmill (previous De Hoop) is a tower mill that was built in 1712

Zestienhoeven Park and deers and fawns sanctuary

Large city park in western part of the city , newer date recreation area and place for rest and promenade with many kinds of ’’friendly’’ wild animals such deer, fawns, different kind of birds

Rotterdam Airport Area

Beutiful view on departuring and landing airplanes

Wilgenplas Park

City park in north-western part of the city known as habitat area of 5 different kind of bats - the shaggy pipistrelle, the late-flying bat, the red bat, the common pipistrelle and the water bat

Natural monument “Melkschuur Zuidpolder” (Dairy barn Zuidpolder)

Nature monument in Zuildrpolder with dairy barn in the past area frequently setteled by cheese and butter farms.

Ackerdijkse Plassen (Ackerdijk Lakes)

Popular rotterdam citizens picknick, relaxing, bikeing and strolling  lake area with South Holland farmhouse from 1666.

Windmill ''De Valk'' ( ''The Falcon”)

Poldermill ( water pump mill) from 177. Windmill is national monument.

⇒ Lage Bergse Bos ( Lower Berg Forest )

Forest area with marked hiking routes, a dog beach & lakeview restaurants, plus wild grazing cattle.

Hoge Bergse Bos ( Upper Berg Forest)

Wetland park with canoe rental & an artificial ski slope, plus hiking trails & a viewing tower.

Rotterdam Ski Center

Famous winter recreating center intended for winter sports

River Rotte

A river in the Rhine-Maas-delta in the Netherlands. The Rotte is the eponym of the city of Rotterdam: the city was founded in the 13th century when a dam was built along the river

Windmill “ De vier winden” ( ''The Four Winds'')

Grinding windmill from 1775 on river Rotte in east-northern part of the city

Schutsluis Boterdorpse Verlaat ( Lock Boterdorpse Verlaat)

Wooden lock bij river Rotte from 1740 with the wooden bridge from the same period. The fairway was formerly used by vessels carrying malt wastes from city Schiedam ( near by Rotterdam) in nowadays is very rarely used.

Windmill ”De Prinsmolen” (''The Prince's windmill'')

Polder windmill on river Rotte from 1648 but as well capable of grinding.

Bergse Voorplas ( Berg Fore-puddle)

The 46 hectare large lake formed due peat extraction within 17th and 18th century in nowadays an attractive residential and recreational area by wealthy Rotterdam residents. Sailing and rowing are still widely practiced activities.

Kralingse Plas and Kralingse Bos ( Kralingen’s Lake and Forest)

A lake located in the suburb of Kralingen in Rotterdam created due to peat extractions surrounded by forest.  The water is mainly used for watersport, fishing and recreational activities.

Windmill ''De Ster ''(''The Star'')
De Ster  alond with the neighbor windmill De Lelie are windmills at Kralingse Plas in Rotterdam the only still operational snuff and spice mills.

Windmill ''De Lelie'' (''The Lily'')

De Lelie  along with the neighbor windmill De Ster  are windmills at Kralingse Plas in Rotterdam the only still operational snuff and spice mills.

Oude Plantage Park and river Nieuwe Maas (Ancient Plantation Park and river New Meuse )

The first and the oldest city park from 1769

Cube Houses and Horseshoe Market building

 Atypical tree-looking buildings with cube-shaped apartments on the top of the supporting columns. Because of its form only 3/4 of the inner space is suitable and usable for common living

⇒ ''Cascade'' and ''Gnome with but plug'' street arts

Funny city-arts masterpieces, ones of the most famous city’s modern images

Rotterdam Central Station ( terminal point)


Tour price

The price of this tour: € 450 .
Tour takes 4 hours.
Tour includes tour guide services,  e-bikes up to 4 persons, drink and local snacks within or after the tour.