Luxembourg And Its 1000 Years Old Secrets Daily Walking Tours

Luxembourg And Its 1000 Years Old Secrets Daily Walking Tours

Tour description

“Gibraltar of the North” and its turbulent 1000 history in one day. Sometimes unbelievable stories an trivial facts about medieval city that was never conquered in fight  but permanently invested in its defense infrastructure.
One of the three capital cities of EU, for real gourmands right place to taste delicious traditional cakes and soups and for take-breath-away stories lovers nice opportunity to get deep in mystical tales of this still undiscovered city


  • take short tour through 17 km long military underground structures that still gives a strange and startling testimony to the medieval military architecture
  • discover 900 year religious-cult site, healing place and the smallest and oldest church in Luxembourg 
  • experience wonderful view from ” the most beautiful balcony of Europe” on Alzette river valley
  • visit mausoleum of the most controversy medieval European monarch John The Blind (John of Bohemia)
  • make selfie in front of national Parliament and Grand Duke Of Luxembourg Palace and record the guard changing ceremonial show
  • story about scaring ghost mainly focused on drunk local Luxembourg drunkards
  • taste national dishes such delicious Quetschentaart plum cake, “Bouneschlupp” bean soup or “organic national treasure” and by law protected honey ” Miel — Marque nationale du Grand-Duche de Luxembourg” or just enjoy white medium stroked Mossel wine 
  • … and many more…


Suggested meeting point would be Luxembourg The Main Train Station or your hotel in city of Luxembourg. Up on request meeting could be customized and agreed up on customer's preferences, e.g somewhere in city center. Whole itinerary would be executed following the stops listed below:

Cathedral Notre-Dame de Luxembourg 

Sacral building of higher national meaning from 17th century and final resting place of Luxembourgian monarch and John the Blind 

Grand Duke of Luxembourg Palace and Luxembourgian Parliament

Place of residence of Grand Duke of Luxembourg with honored guardians

St. Michael’s Church and Fish Market

The oldest Christian religious site building from 10th century in Luxembourg and former medieval city fish market

Casemates du Bock and Le Chemin de la Corniche

Natural fortification on rocky cliffs ( system of caves and tunnels) and walking path along the top of former city walls. 

Pont du Stierchen

Controversial and one of two famous bridges on river Alzette as well nicknamed "Spooky Brige"

Tutesall/ Neumünster Abbey/ St. John’s (on the stone) Church 

Lowertown area near by river Alzette famous regarding its religious history and well know up to (St. Johns The Baptist ) church, former monks cluster and city prison

1st Trier gate (Jacob Tower alias The''Dinselpuert'')
Rectangular tower with drawbridge and a cannon casemate, former part of the city walls so called Wenzel walls and gate to inner part of the city from 15th century

Rham Plateau

    Elevated ground area above river Alzette across  Bock casemates in bygone days settled by ordinary citizens , later used for military infrastructure and different city social institutions until 19th century. Excilent view on central part of the city and Petrusse valley.


    A unique housing complex for 220 senior citizens  as well as a nursing home on historical site



   The part of the 3rd enclosure of the City of Luxembourg built in the 15th century

Grund Lock

    Military strategy water construction with defensive role from Austrian-Hungarian era (1731)

Petrusse Valley

    City greenery area along river Petrusse above Petrusse Casemates favorite local citizens site for recreation and relax

Chapelle Saint-Quirin  ( Quirinus Chapel )

    One of the oldest religious sites dating from Romans and first Christians times and chapel partially built in in the cliff (1355) dedicated to ST. Quirinius, once patron of Luxembourg

Viaduct Passarele

    The oldest city bridge from 19th century

Pont d’ Adolphe (Adolphe’s Bridge)

    The second city's brideone of the most famous city's lendmarks

Plateau da Saint- Esprit

    A site that houses a number of courts and legal offices. It consolidates all of Luxembourg City's  (not EU !) judicial buildings

''Den Huelen Zant'' tower

     Ruins of the northern fortress towers nostalgically commemorating old times before second part of 18th century and Luxembourg independence

Pont Grande-Duchesse Charlotte  (Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge)

The third and the youngest city's bridge dedicated to Grand-Duchesse Charlotte as well known in black chronicles

WW2 monuments

Monument de Souvenuir/Gelle Fra ( Monument of Remembrance )

    War memorial dedicated to the thousands of Luxembourgers who volunteered for service in the armed forces of the Allied Powers during WW1, WW2 and the Korean War.

Monument National de la Solidarité Luxembourgeoise ( National Monument of Solidarity)

    Monument commemorates the dead of the Second World War and recalls the resistance and the solidarity of the Luxembourg nation in the face of the Nazi occupation

Kaddish monument (Holocaust Remembrance)

   Monument commemorates the fate of the Jews living here who fell victim to the anti-Semitic persecution and extermination policies of the Nazi occupying power

Museum-memorial of deportation (optional)

  Train station and gathering sites and departure points for young Luxembourgers forced to join the German labour (''RAD'') and military service during the Nazi occupation of Luxembourg (1940-1945)

Luxembourg American Cemetery (optional)

    WW2 American military war grave cemetery containing 5,074 American war dead soldiers who perished in the Battle of the Bulge, in 1944-45, at the end of the Second World War, against the German Nazi Army (''Wehrmacht'')

Tour prices

The price of this tour: € 500.  

Tour takes approximately 4,5 –5 hours.

Tour includes tour guide services and drink  within or after the tour

Upon customer’s request tour could be customized.