Rotterdam & Gouda Private Daily Walking and Train Tour

Rotterdam & Gouda Private Daily Walking and Train Tour

Tour description

Explore two of the oldest ones Dutch cities in one day. Vibrant cities, nowadays with opposite architectural images but still telling stories about turbulent times. ” The greenest Dutch city” attributed as the biggest European port where potatoes “struggle each others” and other one world wide famous due cheese production and cheese markets.


  • The clashing point of traditional and avant-garde architecture styles (cube houses)
  • The greenest city in the Netherlands
  • Drink a coffee at lowest Dutch point below sea level (-7,67 m)
  • A completely different Red Light District
  • Enjoy unforgettable Gouda Cheese Experience, taste one of the finest world cheese, …
  • Visit the oldest city hall building in Lowlands
  • Explore inner space system of functioning of typical Dutch grain windmill


Suggested meeting point would be Rotterdam Central Station or your hotel in Rotterdam. After meeting we shall continue following the stops listed below:

Rotterdam Central Station

    Modern architecture pearl, the main railway station of Rotterdam city receiving an average of 170 000 passengers daily. One of the greatest city’s architectural highlights

Schieland House

     The 17th century building former headquarter of Waterschap Schieland, institution responsible for water policy and management in this part of South Holland once temporary accommodation place of Napoleon Bonaparte

Big Church/ St. Lawrence Church

     Late Gothic style building from 1525 and in the same time the oldest building in city of Rotterdam. One of the several rarely buildings survived nazi bombing on May 15th 1940.

Erasmus of Rotterdam’s Monument

     Monument honored to Desiderius Erasmus Roterdamus alias Erasmus of Rotterdam, one of the biggest philosophers, theologians, scholars, priest from 16th century. Many public buildings , structures and education institutions are named against this famous Rotterdammer.

Markthal (Market Hall "The Horseshoe")

     Modern building situated on one of the biggest Rotterdam’s Squares in the shape of horseshoe — closed market combined with living space and facilities, also nicknamed “The Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam”

Kijk-Kubus (The Cube Houses)

     Atypical tree-looking buildings with cube-shaped apartments on the top of the supporting columns.Because of its form only 3/4 of the inner space is suitable and usable for common living

Old Harbor

     One of the oldest ( but not the oldest one!) ports of Medieval Rotterdam, former river mouth of river Rotte to New Meuse river. Nowadays favorite gathering place of Rotterdam citizens with plenty of coffee bars, restaurants, taverns, disco clubs…

De Witt Huis (The White House)

     One of the oldest ( but not the oldest one!) ports of Medieval Rotterdam, former river mouth of river Rotte to New Meuse river. Nowadays favorite gathering place of Rotterdam citizens with plenty of coffee bars, restaurants, taverns, disco clubs…

Willemsbrug (The Red Bridge)

     Also called ““The Red Bridge” dedicated to Willem III is one of the three Rotterdam’s bridges connecting central and Northern part of the city with Southern districts.

De Hef (The Elevator)

    Huge steel construction meaning “The Lift” once served like “rotating” and “lifting” train bridge across river New Meuse. The bridge was in service before the rail tunnel has been dogged through under the river

De Boeg (WW2 Memorial)

    The war memorial placed at right embankment of the river New Meuse. It commemorates the 3500 persons on board of Dutch merchant ships who lost their lives in World War II.

Leuwhaven Maritime Museum

    An open air maritime museum. The great collection of steamships, docking cargo machines and equipment, ship engines and other objects related to or connected with the navy and shipping from the middle of the 19th century to 70’s of the last century.

Erasmus Bridge

    This hanging bridge is the youngest bridge in Rotterdam crossing New Meuse…and for sure the most popular and known bridge. One of the greatest symbols and images of this city also called “The Swan” or ” The Harp” , 139m high with the biggest and heaviest  “opening part” of the bridge in Europe, 80 m long.


⇒ boat transport from Rotterdam to Gouda, ca. 45 min…


Gouda Cheese Factory Experience

    3 in 1 at the most famous cheese museum and factory in Netherlands — Entertainment, degustation, education

City Hall

    The oldest existing city hall building in Netherlands from 1459

De Goudse Waag ( The Weight House of Gouda )

   Custom house (mostly connected with cheese trade) from 1668

Arti Legi  

   One of the buildings in Gouda with the richest history and multipurpose functions n the city history

Church of St. John the Baptist 

   The longest one church in Netherlands famous as well due its 72 stained glass windows

Museum Gouda (St. Catherine Gasthuis)

    Two buildings fused in one national monument. Former mentally hospital, prison and torture chamber, art building, even horse stale 

Tapijhouse  (The Carpet House)

     Medieval building situated at oldest city quarter, former workshop by some Flemish tapestry weavers, secret catholic children school, 19th century brewery and finally art studio and gallery

The Willem Vroesenhuis

     Elderly house with picturesque backside yard founded by influenced and prominent citizen Willem Vroesen

The Lazarus Gate 

     Famous city’s landmark , gateway to former house that once hosted people suffering of leper   

Visbank (Fish market)

     Former fish market established in the middle of 16th century

St. Joostkapel ( Jevangelistic Lutheranse Kerk)

   Evangelistic church dedicated to St. Joost, patron of bag carriers, namely of their guild


     House from middle of 19th century served like ash warehouse! …at the times when potash was used for soap and glass production.

Windmill ''The Red Lion''

     “De Roode Leeuw” one of the oldest and still existing flourmills in the Netherlands which still retains its original shape inside and out. 

Remonstrant community chapel

    Chapel that still belongs to Remonstrant Brotherhood Community , Protestant movement that had split from Dutch Reformed Church in the early 17th century

Weeshuis (Orphanage)

    Former Gouda orphanage from 1643, nowadays high rated and exclusive hotel

Tour prices

The price of this tour: € 480.

Tour takes approximately 7–8 hours.
Tour includes drink and local snacks within or after the tour, and transportation costs ( retour train tickets) from Rotterdam to Delft for up to 4 persons, entrance fees to Cube Houses.
Tour excludes entrance fees to museums and churches such Prinsenhof, New Church, Old Church…

Upon customer’s request tour could be customized.