Amsterdam LGBTQ Private City Walking Tour

Amsterdam LGBTQ Private City Walking Tour

Good to know about this tour…

  • Feel free…and safety! Amsterdam is an open-minded city that welcomes everybody. You wouldn’t be forced to hide your sexual identity and affinity even in public places.
  • The list of desirable and specified gay bars, clubs, coffee shops and other kinds of similar spots could be provided depending on your wishes. History, heritage, monuments could be a nice experience… depending on personal interests and affinities but fun… fun is something that all we like to enjoy. So why don’t you finish this tour at some of these spots?
  • You can participate in or support annual festivals such as:
    • Milkshake festival, (27th and 28th July 2024);
    • Amsterdam Pride (between 27th July and 2nd August 2024)
    • Pink Saturday, Dutch pandan on Stonewall Riots (28th June, Groningen !!!)… are out of this itinerary and could be visited on your own. Of course, if you would like to participate in them, your tour guide will do his best to provide you with all the necessary information and help you find yourself at these events.
  • Since this tour takes 3.5 hours, two times per day could be organized — at 10 AM and 3 PM.
  • If there’s something else, you would like to see, feel free to contact the guide.
  • WW2 monuments for people who paid the highest price, by their own lives, just because they were “others”, couldn’t resist their own nature and had other sexual affinities.
Tour description

This 3.5‑hour tour is mainly intended for LGBT(Q) population and focused on the main highlights of the world’s gay capital city — Amsterdam. Hear about the homosexual history in the last few centuries in this place and see how far Dutch gay policy is beyond the rest of the world. Understand why Amsterdam is considered the world’s gay capital city, is not limited and reserved to “others”, tolerant, open minded and an ideal living place for people who distinguish from the straight sexual orientation.

  • Hear about Dutch gay policy and the historical place the first gay marriage happened
  • Meet the points where you can find and have free love adventure
  • Find plenty of bars marked with rainbow-colored flags
  • Visit and lay down the flowers on monuments dedicated to all WW2 victims
  • Participate or support the biggest and craziest yearly LGBT/LGTBQ world parties in 2024


Depart from Amsterdam Central Station or Amsterdam Passenger Terminal (PTA) or customer’s hotel

⇒  AIDS Monument Amsterdam

The first monument of this kind ever erected in Europe. Memorial dedicated to all homosexuals AIDS suffered and passed away, those ones who live with HIV today and to everyone support(ed) and contribute(ed) solving AIDS problematic.

⇒  IHLIA LGBTI Heritage Collection

International Gay/Lesbian Information Center and Archive (IHLIA) is namely an international archive and documentation center on homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender. More than 100,000 titles, books, journals and magazines, films, documentaries, posters, photographs and objects such as T‑shirts, buttons and condom packaging.

 ⇒  Cafe Queen’s Head

Famous and boisterous gay-friendly bar stil existing on Zeedijk once very frequent and visited street by members of LGBT community mainly because of many gay cafes and bars until early 80’s. This bar is particularly famous because of Draw Queen Bingo Show.

⇒  Cafe Bar t’Mandje, a famous gay cafe with a long and exciting history

Famous gay cafe with long and exciting history founded by lesbian Bet van Beeren, the uncrowned queen of the streets, one of the cult personalities of Amsterdam city. Funny , sometimes unbelievable stories about her uncommon and odd habits and this one, the oldest gay-friendly ( and more…) bar in Amsterdam from 1927.

⇒  Red Light District and cabins marked with red and blue light

Famous and unique red ( and blue) light quarter, one of the main landmarks and point of interest of city’s visitors. Cabins with prostitutes, peep shows, coffeeshops… Find out why Amsterdam carry the nickname of “The sin city of Europe”.

⇒  Homosexual monument

Monument that commemorates all gay men and lesbians who have been persecuted because of their sexual orientation. As well monument dedicated to people who paid the highest price by their lives  because of their other sexual affinities within WW2.

Pink Point Amsterdam, the official LGBT information kiosk with souvenirs, gifts and maps

The official LGBTQ information kiosk with souvenirs, gifts and maps of the gay facilities, clubs, entertainment places in the city and much more.

⇒  Dam Square and homosexuality in Netherlands through the centuries

Dam Square — yes, the most famous square in Amsterdam but this time from some other, uncommon and through the century “not-so-much-gay-friendly” place. I shall explain you why… incredible stories how much far human irrationality has could gone.

⇒  Reguliersdwarsstraat, the most famous gay street in Amsterdam and the LGBTQ nightlife scene

The most famous gay street in Amsterdam and the LGBTQ nightlife scene.

 1 hour boat tour including tour price (OPTIONAL !!!)

Tour price

The price of this tour: € 300 per group. Amount of the participants per group — up to 6 persons.
Tour takes approximately 2,5–3 hours.

Upon customer’s request tour could be customized.
Tour includes guides services and drink and local snacks within or after the tour.