Brussels ‑The Capital of United States of Europe & Waterloo Daily Walking Tour

Brussels-The Capital of United States of Europe & Waterloo Daily Walking Tour

Tour description

Explore the best of Brussels and see where modern Europe established its legislation . Visit the Guilds Headquarters, the place of birth of the Bible of Communist ideology ( The Communist Manifesto) by its gurus Carl Marx and Fridrih Engels. Explore the mini Europe, marvel at the Atomium- iron crystal magnified 165 billion times and listen to fascinating stories of the past as you see the Royal Palace.


Brussels, a little bit Dutch, a little bit French even German, but again very original and specific — very Belgian!

Let’s explore the historical and religious heritage of Belgium, meet 4 of the Belgian biggest images in one place — “friets” (frayed potatoes) , chocolate (“pralines”), waffles and beer.
Brussel is also the meeting point of Flemish and Walloon culture-making, harmonized mosaic unity of opposites.
The place of origin of unique draft horses and with a rich historical, artistic and architectural background ( museums, grandiose palaces, churches, villas, squares… ) but at the same time the center of modern European democracy and unity.

  • See the Cinquantenaire Park, a memorial place of Belgian independence
  • Admire the architecture of the Royal Palace
  • Shop around the Grand Place, the market above the river
  • Enjoy in the view on Brussels from the highest , 102 meter tall point, city’s image construction, Atomium

Suggested meeting point would be Brussels Central Station or your hotel in Brussels. Whole itinerary would be executed following the stops listed below:

Parc du Cinquantenaire

     Memorial place of Belgian independence.

Royal Palace (Palais Royal/ Place des Palais)

     Marvel at the architecture of Royal Palace, decorated with millions of emerald-coloured bugs wings.

⇒  European Parliament Hemicycle (free visits)

      The place where modern Europe establish its legislative.

⇒  St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral (Cathedrale St-Michel et Ste-Gudule)

       Relive religious stories at St. Michael and St Gudula Cathedral.

⇒  Grand Place Brussels Main Square

      Shop around the Grand place, market above the river hosting main old town buildings.

⇒  Brussels City Museum

      The picturesque Guilds headquarters also the place of born ‘Bible of Communist ideology’ (Manifesto) by its gurus Carl Marx and Fridrih Engels.

⇒  Town Hall (Hotel de Ville), Grand-Place

      The Town Hall of the City of Brussels, landmark building from year 1455,  the seat of the City of Brussels’s  municipality

⇒  Manneken Pis ( The Peeing Boy)

      One of the most famous icon of City of Brussels

⇒  Jeanneke Pis (The Peeing Girl)

     “Younger sister” of more famous Brussel’s Peeing Boy

⇒  Atomium

      Iron crystal structure magnified 165 billion times

⇒  Mini-Europe (ca. 1 hour visit)

      Maquettes of European cities landscapes and famous buildings at a scale of 1:25 at one place

⇒  Waterloo (ca. 2 hours visit)

      The place of Napoleon’s last battle and final defeat.

Tour price

The price of this tour: € 480 per group up to 6 persons.
Tour takes approximately 5–6 hours.

Upon customer’s request tour could be customized.

Tour includes guides services, tea or coffee within or after the tour, public transportation ticket (subway/metro)to locality Atomium.

Tour excludes retour train ticket to Waterloo ( ca €20 p.p. adults. Within weekend ca. €10 p.p. )